Virtual Hickok45 – Parody

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Just so you understand the context of this parody, this isn’t one of those “Fake Hickok” channels that you may have heard about. In fact he actually featured this video on his channel (in front of God and everyone) the first couple days it was posted. I am a big fan of the Hickok45 channel.

After spending so many hours (weeks?) watching videos of the Hickok45 Compound shooting range do you ever feel like you’ve actually been there?

Hickok had said that we could continue to make submissions to his parody contest video even after the contest was over so I thought I’d do a chroma key experiment and see if he’d approve it. Thanks, Hickok.

Man, I really wanted to turn around and ring those plates but that would have resulted in blowing all of the windows out of my truck and launching bullets across the busy highway.

WARNING: The “RETARD METER” is in the red.