SCCY Industries CPX-1 9MM Handgun 2nd Generation Review

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The Sccy CPX-1 is a 9mm double action only (DAO) semiautomatic pistol, produced by Sccy Industries, (formerly known as Skyy Industries). It feeds from a staggered column removable 10 round box magazine. It has a polymer frame with a stainless steel barrel and slide, which lock open when the last round is fired. Unlike many handguns of similar size the CPX-1 is equipped with an ambidextrous safety lever. Also a distinctive aspect of the model is, rather than a striker, it is designed with an internal hammer which is more commonly associated with revolvers. The Sccy CPX-1 entered the firearms market in 2005 as, then SKYY Industries’ pilot product. The CPX-1’s size makes it an attractive choice for a concealment weapon, as a result this pistol has found support in the US concealed carry community. Concealed Carry Magazine gave it a positive review in its June 2006 issue. Sccy is currently preparing to release the MPX-3 (.380 Auto) and the MPX-9 (9x19mm) as slimmer single stack versions of the CPX-1. Company president, Joe Roebuck, is quoted as saying: “Sccy Industries is committed to providing excellent firearms that do not compromise looks, quality, reliability, or value.