410 Handgun Ammo Comparison: S&W Governor, Taurus Judge

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This 410 handgun ammo comparison for S&W Governor (also applies to Taurus Judge) shows the pattern dispersion of 410 shotgun pellets when fired from the short barrel of a handgun.

For comparison we also show pellet dispersion from a rifle at the same distance.

This should help you determine which ammo is appropriate for use in your Smith & Wesson Governor or Taurus Judge depending on the application you have in mind.

We compare Winchester Super X 000 Buck (3 pellets), Remington Premium HD (Home Defense) 000 Buck (4 pellets) and Winchester PDX1 Defender.

Find out which 410 handgun ammo had the tightest pattern.

Learn more at our website: http://GovernorHolster.com/410-ammo-comparison/